Dyachuk Anna

«I want people while looking at the reflection of my looking-glasses to reveal the best of themselves, carrying subsequently the last one into their own reality»

Anna Dyachuk is a Ukrainian artist-designer. She was born in 1982 in the intelligent family. As a child she was interested in chess and mathematics which later formed her rational type of mind, but visual art and music did not let the last one become in the lead.
Anna studied design of environment and got a master's degree at the National University in Kiev. After she graduated from the University, she was invited to work as a teacher at the university design department.

Since 2001 she has been working at the graphic design, advertising, interior design, object design. Since she was 23 Anna started to work as an art-director in publishing sphere (glossy magazines) and advertising companies. She is a prize-winner in the contest of printing editions called “The cover of the year” twice in Ukraine and once in Russia. Anna also is an owner of the first award for the complex architectural project at the Festival of young designers in Ukraine. In 2009 she started designing author handmade mirrors and released them under her own brand. European way of mind, slender taste inherent Anna’s art and ability to incarnate sense in form make a new vision of the Ukrainian design. Uncommon view and knowledge of the craft let her extend the confines of the common stereotypes in understanding of the interior object. Her author's handmade mirrors combine sculptural form, ergonomic design and conceptual art.
Painting, contemporary art and cinema take also an important place in Anna’s life.